About us

IoTmate is provided by Worxmate AB in collaboration with Combain.


Combain is a world leading geolocation service provider for connected devices. Combain has one of the world largest databases of cell-id and WiFi that is used for accurate indoor and outdoor positioning of connected devices. The database includes more than 90 million cell-ids and 1.5 billion WiFis from more than 200 countries. Combain’s customers are leading mobile network operators, cyber security companies, mobile device manufacturers and asset tracking companies. The positioning service is provided as a cloud-based API, Combain Positioning Service (CPS) API.  

Our management team have a long and broad experience from the telecom industry and from working with cloud based solutions. In 2015 Combain proudly received awards and recognitions: 33-listan, Sweden’s 33 most potential tech companies, and Winner of Red Herring Top 100 Europe. Combain is a proud member of LoRa Alliance, and works to improve LoRaWAN positioning

Combain Mobile AB is located in Lund, Sweden and Palo Alto, USA and serves customers world-wide.



Worxmate is a mobile and cloud solution provider. Worxmate has developed an easy to customize and scale cloud platform that together with customized mobile apps is the engine for a number of customized solutions and products that is being used by thousands of companies and users every day. Worxmate’s customers are SME’s that streamline their operations by an advanced customized mobile and cloud solution.

Wormate AB is located in Lund, Sweden.